Grzybowo is an amazing place where peace and quiet create favourable conditions for business ideas to arise, while the proximity of Kołobrzeg provides great tourist attractions.

Grzybowo – a town of beautiful views

Grzybowo is an ideal place for enthusiasts of sea bathing in warm, sunny days. It is located next to picturesque Grzybowo Bay, in the eastern part of the Trzebiatów Coast.

The distance between Kołobrzeg and Grzybowo is only 6 km and commuting to the city centre by car takes only 10 minutes. Bicycle lovers can get to Kołobrzeg in similar time, covering less than 1.5 km. It is safe to say that Grzybowo is on the outskirts of Kołobrzeg, so it is easy join and feel the rhythm of this beautiful city.

Wonderful holiday bay

The Grzybowo Bay extends over 7 kilometres and has a unique coastline and a characteristic incision that makes its water the warmest on the Polish coast. The Bay abounds in amber and the waves are much smaller than in other seaside resorts, thus making local beach an ideal place for families with children. Here, in this picturesque seaside village located right by the beach, Sunset Resort, a hotel and residential facility, will be built.

Grzybowo is famous for its very wide beaches (up to 40 meters) where anyone can easily find their oasis of peace. Pine forests growing near dunes will make you feel in a state of utter bliss as they create a unique microclimate positively affecting our respiratory tract.