Sunset Resort is a perfect place for those dreaming of taking a rest in a charming seaside village away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Hotel and residential facilities have been integrated into the surrounding greenery, right next to wide beach. All buildings have modern form that raises the complex prestige.

Investment project with soul
Sunset Resort is a complex of nine apartment buildings. At the first stage of the project, quests will have 53 single-, double and three-room apartments at their disposal with a floor area from 27.1 m2 to 54 m2. The complex consists of two parts: northern and southern. In the northern part, guests will be able to use beautiful recreational facilities in the vicinity of the Natura 2000 areas, namely the garden, the park with wooden pergolas, sunny piers and recreational terraces. 390 parking lots will be made available within the complex, 113 of them in an underground garage.

Space that makes you free
The southern part is a complex of buildings intended for hotel and residential purposes that differ in the number of storey (one, two and three). They were built in the shape of the letter L and are situated in a way that creates internal compact semi-private space.
Open green spaces with lawns, flower stands, wooden terraces, small playgrounds, walking paths and bicycle routes guarantee a blissful rest.

Plenty of benefits:
• profit for the whole year, not only in the summer season
• the price per 1m2 of the apartment is much lower than in Kołobrzeg
• modern complex located by the sea
• beautiful neighbourhood and natural environment
• wide and not crowded beaches
• plenty of attractions within a few kilometres
• turnkey finishing