Grzybowo is a small but charming town with plenty of attractions and beautiful nooks. The resort is located in the Koszalin and Trzebiatów-Kołobrzeg Seaside Area, one of the cleanest regions of Poland. There are exquisite walking and cycling routes near the bay. On the path to Dźwirzyno, at the stop point, there is a unique sculpture of bicycles. This route, also known as the bicycle highway, runs along the sea, far away from the hustle and bustle.

Take a well-deserved rest
Between Grzybowo and Dźwirzyno there is a nudist beach, one of the most popular on the Polish coast. On the beach in Grzybowo, there is an observation deck where tourists may enjoy views of the sea in full glory. Those who prefer admiring landscapes from a height are welcome to visit nearby lighthouses.

Kołobrzeg is just a step away, vibrant and bustling all year round
Kołobrzeg offers a lot of attractions and entertainment such as pubs, clubs, restaurants, shopping malls, museums, parks, city squares and water parks. The lighthouse, the port and the pier make one of the most interesting tourist attractions in the city. Beautiful views are truly unforgettable. Many tourists visit local oceanarium, i.e. a fabulous large-scale aquarium where they admire the sea fauna and flora. Fans of extreme emotions are welcomed to visit the Kołobrzeg Rope Park, where their fitness, endurance and cleverness will be put to test.

Lokalizacja, walory estetyczne i wypełnienie przestrzeni wokół kompleksu s

Location of the complex, its aesthetic value and many attractions around it will make tourists choose our facility in the first place.

The most important merits:
large and spacious plot
the first building line is by the beach
green space allowing residents to rest in the bosom of nature
low-rise, cosy buildings giving a sense of privacy
sports facilities such as gym, swimming pool, etc.
room for storing prams, room for storing bicycles
storage rooms available for sale

Sunset Resort is a modern facility that provides guests with many attractions guaranteeing that they will not be bored regardless of the weather.